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If you’ve ever considered using Instagram influencer marketing for your business, now is the time to start!

Adding Instagram influencer marketing into your overall strategy for Instagram can help to increase your brand awareness, grow your follower base, and drive major sales!

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Curiosity killed the snacks!

Terence from Upfull Food was also very curious as to how his business could make a real big impact in the social media space with little following. Upfull is a special brand to us as they provide nothing but the very best in hand made Granola. With ingredients sourced from every corner of the globe, their granola is full of nourishment, and tastes like no other. Hand made and roasted in London.

Last year our team at IM-Ltd stepped in and helped to relieve the stresses of running a digital marketing campaign while dealing with growing demands from distributors. 

Satisfaction is the fuel to desire

As a new client we started off on a Tier 2 plan which gives him access to an experienced and skilled workforce, such as: Social Media Account Manager dedicated to making sure his account was getting as much exposure as possible while, the Marketing Executive facilitated the Influencer/Ambassador campaign to dramatically scale up brand awareness and also strengthen the brand being associated with revered bloggers and athletes. There's also your very own Creative Executive dealing with all of your media based content (Videos, Written, Images) to schedule and organise it to publish out to his audience at the right time telling the brand story.


This screenshot to the right is one of Upfull images from our campaign. Trending at the top of #Diets on Instagram. The nine images have the most engaging and popular post in this category which has 237,572 posts submitted to date. 




Impressions marketing pancakes influencer marketing.png

The results are in?

Here's one of our Influencers (@cerealandpeanutbutter) images published on Instagram. Eli, plus several other influencers were all involved in the Upfull ambassador campaign we facilitated that generated more than 100'000 impressions in a month. Along with "followers" growing by almost 400%. This may not have been a direct result of the influencer campaign as we also managed UpFull Instagram accounts "Mon-Fri". This allows us to (Optimise, Schedule, Comment, Message, Customer service, business development and so much more)